Team O'Hanlon-Voltron Evo II from Australia contacted Framecrafters to design and fabricate a special frame for a super E-bike they were developing for the Australian electric superbike series "eFX". With strict parameters regarding the 135kw (180hp) motor sourced for the project, Framecrafters now had to find a way to package it and get the power to the ground. The solution was the FC BMGP\4 frame derived from the successful BMGP\2 kit. A traditional trellis style front section was fabricated and coupled to a billet rear section forming the basic frame. Specially engineered billet motor mount plates were machined to hold the pancake style motor in addition to allowing the output shaft to be tailored moving the motor in a similar fashion to an adjustable swingarm pivot. An aluminum front subframe was fabricated to hold the enormous battery pack as was a special aluminum rear subframe to hold the controllers. A Ducati swingarm is initially used in order to work with a split pivot design and horizontal mount shock in order to retain a reasonable wheel base and proper weight distribution. FC designed an adjustable linkage and rocker system providing for a wide variety of rear suspension travel and characteristic options. In its first race, June 2014 at Queensland in AU the team turned laps within a 1\2 second of the ebike track record. Congratulations Team O'Hanlon-Voltron ! Keep an eye out for more new and

O'Hanlon-Voltron EvoII BMGP/4