ISDT competitor Billy Burns had been racing Hodaka's for quite some time and with some success when they would hold together. While developing a competitive motor the frame was still lacking the performance they had achieved with the motor. Framecrafters was called upon to fabricate a chassis that would not just hold together but would handle better than the original. Framecrafters set out to do just that; fitting the SL250 2-stroke motor to a chromoloy chassis model from the very successful Yamaha HL500 chassis platform. While utilizing the HL basic geometry, FC also designed an isolastic engine mounting system that was built into the frame. This has proven to reduce vibration, rider fatigue and contribute to the highest level of engine and chassis integrity well into the future. While developing the chassis the owner decided to proceed with a special Cross-Country machine also. While utilizing the same engine isolastic system revised geometry was instituted making for the most competitive CX platform. Framecrafters also designed and provided adjustable billet triple-clamps, aluminum swingarm which rides on a needle bearing system, 3 point mounting modern design foot-peg plates and an alloy air-box.

Hodaka SL250