In 2010 Brian Richardson owner of Team Norton Electra built a special electric racing motorcycle on the popular Norton slimline featherbed chassis. The team fitted the original Norton chassis with Honda RS125 wheels and other late model components. Piloted by former Pro-AMA Suzuki Superbike racer Thad Wolff they found some success in the TTXGP race series and the FIM E-Power race series, making several podium finishes throughout 2010. As the 2010 season came to an end Team Norton Electra began to revise their existing program for 2011. The first thing they realized is, with the new motor for 2011 they would need significantly more tire and with the stock Norton FB chassis this was not possible. With stipulations from existing and new sponsors it was going to be necessary to retain the Norton FB chassis or at least one that resembled an original. At this point the team began to research frame builders particularly those currently building featherbed frames that could accommodate their needs. The Team found typical replies from, "it cant be done" or "it will take a year". At this point Framecrafters was contacted to weigh-in on the situation. We determined we could build a featherbed type frame accommodating wider modern wheels\tires\geometry and the such and retain the classic look. At this moment the Framecrafters FAT Featherbed was born. For the next several weeks FC worked diligently to get this frame done to comply with strict time constraints. Randy redesigned the traditional Norton Featherbed to be an inch wider on each side from the swing-arm back to fit a 5.5" Brock carbon-fiber wheel. The swing-arm itself is a redesign of FC's typical rectangular type with a 2 position pivot-mount. The steering head was upgraded and repositioned for use with a late GSXR front-end. The entire chassis was constructed from 4130 Chromoloy and TIG welded. The last 2 days of fabrication had both Richardson and Wolff at FC arriving with a load of parts that needed to be fit (not to mention Wolff's California outfit that seemed to conflict with Chicago's winter, something about tank-tops and flip-flops that do not quite fit right with mid-west snow) and a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and excitement that carried us through the last 48 hours of the project. In the end Team Norton Electra was able to get a new purpose built racing chassis while retaining most of the classic Norton Featherbed appeal. This frame has now been added to FC's catalog of chassis's and is ONE of several frames to be in production through most of 2011. Most typical engine configurations are usable with this frame.

Team Norton Electra