In 1974 the popular Norton F750 was fitted with a, new at the time, trellis style frame denoted the "Space-frame". This was not a big improvement over the exotic monocoque the team had been running for the past 2 years, in fact, Peter Williams turned almost identical lap times on both set-ups. However, the space-frame made life easier for those having to service the Norton at the track. This Norton chassis fabricate by FC, for RJ Reynolds, is a simplified version of the 74' space-frame while incorporating a few Seeley principals and utilizing a modern isolastic system. This frame uses less tubing than the original space-frame, making for a simpler design and fabrication process. The lower side rail is a direct connection from the steering head down to the swing-arm pivot similar to a Seeley MK3 chassis. Modern isolastics from the Buell XB series has been fitted behind and above the gear-box attached to FC's billet engine plates. An additional iso is found at the head-steady and a one-off front subframe picks up the 3rd mount. This frame will be fitted with a Norton 750 commando engine built to road race specs. It will use 38mm Marzzochi front forks fitted to FC's adjustable triple clamps up front and Ohlins on the rear. RJ has located copies of the original 5-spoke cast wheels, and finish it off with a JPN full fairing and seat.

Norton 750 RR neo-spaceframe