This Trellis style frame was designed for stunt rider Bennie Sims. With some common problems found in stock sportbike frames, FC was able to design a frame that could provide a more usable set-up for stunt riding or even the perfect street-fighter. With particular attention paid to rigidity and strength this frame is considered nearly unbreakable. With purpose designed motor-mounts and suspension mounts this frame now translates axial loads directly into the frame instead of through a suspended motor mount. This frame also incorporates an adjustable swing-arm pivot and a alternate sub-frame mount to dial in static set-up. The goose neck style front frame tubes at the steering head allow for 24deg additional lock to lock movement. Utilizing taper-roller bearings in the steering head the front forks can transmit greater loads with better feed back and durability. A unique frame design for those looking to build the ultimate stunt or street-fighter machine.This particular frame uses the 1st generation Kawasaki 636 engine and 2nd generation bolt-on components. Available for most multi's and twins.

Kawasaki 636 X6ST