FC's Yamaha RD400 roadracer is built on our S2RR-Seeley type frame. We have been running this chassis since 2005 and have had much success, winning many regional titles and national podium finishes for almost 7 years now. This RD400 has under gone numerous changes over the past several years. We have been through 4 different fork types. Two different rear shock types. Five different tire types. Two different swing-arms. Two different expansion chamber designs. Two different crankshaft variations. Three different clutch configurations. Three different rear disc designs and numerous other changes to get this bike just right. We now have one of the fastest, reliable RD400 road-racers. The black frame with a white fairing in 04\05 was the very early stages. The black frame with a blue\silver fairing was the 06\07 bike. Then in 2008 we powder-coated the frame silver and is now in its current state ready to capture an AHRMA Formula 500 championship.

Yamaha S2RR RD400 RR