Welcome to Framecrafters!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make picture frames?

Do you make frames for glasses?

How much does a frame cost?
Frames begin at $1,600 for a hardtail such as the Sonicweld. Any frame with a swingarm starts at $2,000.

How long have you been building frames?
Randy Illg, owner of Framecrafters has been building frames since 1989.

What do I get with my frame?
You're frame comes with the following:

  • Tapered roller bearings and races for the steering head
  • Brackets for all your basic components, i.e. fuel tank, seat, ignition, exhaust etc.
  • Motor mounts and stays
  • Foot pegs if your frame is a motocrosser
  • Rear set plates if your frame is a road racer
  • Internal adjusters for rear axel if swingarm is rectangular tube type

Can you modify my stock frame to accommodate a different motor?
Often times the answer is yes but sometimes your new motor is too tall. Measurements will have to be taken. If you need help doing this give us a call.

Do you build motors?
Framecrafters will only build a motor if it is part of a complete bike build project.

Do you build replica aftermarket frames?
Yes, the majority of our frame projects are replica aftermarket frames?

Will you build a one-off custom frame to my spec's?
You bet!

What do you need from me to build a frame?
Ideally we would like from you: the motor (preferably just the shell i.e. just cases, cylinder, and head. No guts) seat base, fuel tank, oil tank (if required), rear suspension, rear hub, carb(s), air box if any, and any body work.

Will you build a frame from photos?
Yes we can, but it's a very time consuming process. In order to get the frame as close to the original as possible many hours are taken to accurately interpret the angles and dimensions from the photos. Because of the method to fabricate a frame based on photos the cost of the frame will increase.

Can you repair my bent frame and swingarm?
Yes. We can straighten your frame and swingarm as well as replace corroded and collapsed tubes.

Do you provide any other services other than frame fabrication?
Yes, we provide a whole range of motorcycle services from simple tune-ups to complete overhauls. Please visit our service page for the full list.