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Framecrafters is a performance motorcycle fabrication shop located in northwest Illinois. Originally a design and fabrication shop for chassis only, Framecrafters has methodically expanded their focus to the entire motorcycle. While still specializing in frame and associated parts fabrication, Framecrafters also offers their expertise of building, converting, and restoring motorcycles for their customers. Randy, Justin, and Karsten are life long motorcycle enthusiasts who ride and race. Street, trail, track, each type is viewed by Framecrafters as an important part of motorcycling that should be fun and exhilarating. From building a ground up racer to resuscitating your old street bike, Framecrafters is proud to offer their services to help realize your vision.

Featured Projects

Triumph 750 Triple S4RR

The machine that started it all for Framecrafters the 1970 Triumph 750 Trident. Inspired by Rob North and Colin Seeley, Randy Illg and said time partner Jim Carlson built frame #1 for his Triumph Triple road racer. Originally raced as a production bike from 1984-1988 it was then transformed into the "Red" Formula 750 machine in the winter of 88'-89'. Retired in 1993 having been raced to some regional titles the machine took a semi-permanent residency in a dusty corner of the shop. In 2005 Karsten Illg , Randy's 2nd son, took the initiative to bring it back to life. While making some revisions to the original frame design the machine slowly began its road to restoration. Eight slow years of rebuilding, refinishing, replacing parts and pieces the machine transformed. Not having been on a track in 20 years the FC #1 Triumph Triple (now blue) was successfully raced at the AHRMA Road America event in June 2013. Piloted by Karsten Illg in the Formula 750 class he managed a 2nd place.

FC FAT Featherbed Triton

Framecrafters FAT Featherbed is a new twist on an old classic. Modeled from an original Norton Featherbed Slimline frame FC has made a few improvements over the original design. The fitment of an additional tube from the steering head back to the mid-chassis cross tube significantly reinforces the steering head while providing a more secure location for mounting the top motor mount. The swingarm mounting point at the frame is now 1" wider on either side. This change allows the use of the Triumph Hinckley twin motors (shown in pictures)amongst other new choices. Additionally a 5" rim and wider tire can now be fit. As with most of FC's frame kits we can tailor each one to meet an individuals specific needs.

Yamaha Moto3-250

Framecrafters Yamaha powered Moto3 250 machine is built on FC's 2nd generation Bi-Metallic (BMGP\2) frame. Revised frame geometry and lightened billet swingarm carriers sets this chassis apart from the 2011 Prototype machine. A reinforced and shortened swingarm provides for better weight balance while contributing to mass-centralization goals. Adopting Honda RS125 wheels, suspension, brakes, controls and bodywork makes for an easy build. The RS125 radiator has also been fitted providing for 15% more cooling capacity over the prototype. The Yz250f motor has also been improved. Built in-house with the helpful guidance of Babe Demay and Chuck Palgren the carbureted motor makes nearly 20% more power over stock. The new changes make for a better handling and more powerful package at 180lbs. For 2014 this machine will be raced and managed by project partner and Yamaha snowmobile engineer Nick Blasel. A special thanks to project and race sponsors, Barnett Clutches, WEBCAM Racing Camshafts, R/D Valve Springs, Steingjager, XT Racing and Yoyo Dyne.

What's New?

On Saturday at the Road America-AHRMA-Rockerbox event Team FC picked up two first place finishes on the F450 in the SOS classes. Nick Blasel grabbed a 2nd place finish on the moto3 bike. Karsten had a DNF on the 250 Aermacchi thanks to with a good size get off.

Sunday brought a first place finish on the F450 machine. After waking up with a severely bruised and sore left side after the turn 5 crash aboard the 250 Aermacchi, Karsten decided to skip all races other than their main class. NIck Blasel finished 3rd on Sunday aboard the Yamaha powered FC-Moto3\250 bike. We are all looking forward to next weekend's event at Grattan Raceway, Michigan. Thank-you to all our sponsors and supporters.
Team FC raced at the AHRMA Grattan, Michigan event over Father's Day. Track conditions were terrible on Saturday as oiling and cleanup proved to be problematic. While almost 10 seconds off the normal pace due to the track conditions, rider Karsten Illg managed two wins on Saturday aboard the BMGP-F450 machine. Rider Nick Blasel rode the FC Moto3-250 to a 2nd place in SOS3-Moto3, as did Rex Wagner in Motard aboard the FC Yamaha Yz450f.

Track conditions on Sunday were slightly better as lap times dropped closer to a 4 second difference over previous years. Karsten Illg rode to another win in the Sound of Singles 2 class and Nick Blasel upped his game taking the win in SOS3-Moto3. The most exciting race of last weekend was Motard as Rick Ricter and Rex Wagner battled for the win almost the entire race. Ricter made an impressive pass under hard braking going into the hair-pin and lead the way going into the last lap. Wagner kept his head down looking for an opportunity to get Ricter back on the last lap. While staying close to Ricter and keeping the pressure on, Ricter went very wide in the last turn and Wagner slipped by on the inside, motoring to the checkered flag !

We hope to have some pictures posted over the next day or so.......Thanks to all our supporters and sponsors; Cycle-Craft Yamaha, AGV Helmets, Dainese, Barnett Clutches, Babe Demay Racing, Web Cam, Race Tech Suspension, XT Racing, Steinjager, R\D Valve Springs and Yoyo Dyne.
Framecrafters has officially entered its 7th country. One of last month's Trackmaster builds will be in New Zealand by the end of March. We thank everyone for their continued support and interest in Framecrafters products.

Framecrafters is looking forward to the 2014 racing season. Several new race build are in their final stages, including the resurrection of our Yamaha Moto3 project and a new Premier 500 road race build. Please visit our "Racing" page for more upcoming info and our 2013 race review and summary.

Framecrafters will be making a formal media release in the next few weeks regarding Team FC sponsors and supporters for the 2014 season.

Framecrafters is excited to announce its upcoming Twin builds with American, European and Japanese engine platforms coupled to the 5th generation BMGP chassis kits.